Uzbek—English Dictionary (Dirks, 2005)


(Arabic) counting, calculation; count, number; account, inventory, stock-taking, registration; score; (arch.) arithmetic; nearly, practically. og'zaki ~ oral estimate. ~i yo'q beyond count, innumerable. yo'q ~ practically none. ~ yurit- to take an accounting of. o'rta ~da on the average. ~ga ol- to take into account, to consider. ~ qil- to tally up, to figure. ~dan adash- to miscalculate. ~iga on behalf of, in place of; because of. ~ Emas That doesn't count. ~ga olmaganda w/o considering. o'ziga ~ ber- to account to o.s. ~ini qo'y- to listen to an accounting of one's actions. ~ini qil- to bring o.s. to do, to manage to do. ~ni och- to get the first point (in a game). bir ~da in one way of reckoning. yil ~i chronology. ~ ol- to take an accounting of.

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